Tarot Readings in the Modern Age

There are three major things to consider when you are starting to learn how to read Tarot cards – meanings, interpretations, symbols. Today, the pop culture may have been convincing you that Tarot reading is your ultimate solution towards great fortune.

No. It is a map to guide you through your decisions in life. All still depends on you. The answers that you’ll get may not be perfectly exact for you and your current situation, but one thing is for sure, it will give a brighter light to your mindset, the way you react to your world, the way you will handle your future, stress and challenges, and above all, the way you will step up and improve all the aspects of your spiritual life.

Contemporarily, Tarot reading has become more of a looking glass rather than a conventional crystal ball. You will be able to see right through you. If you are a solo parent of three and is struggling to make ends meet, Tarot reading can clear up your path by refocusing your energy and achieve your desired outcome. For clarity, Tarot reading is not a quick-money, easy-to-get-rich scheme. It is a guide to get to the bottom of your personal issues.

People today are already recognizing the in-depth value of Tarot readings. It helps them sort things out and finally organize their life perspectives. But bear in mind that the results you desire will always depend on your choices.

Tarot Readings in the Modern Age

Moreover, here’s a good list of modern Tarot Decks that you may choose from.

  • Quantum Tarot: Colorful imagery of space and quantum science.
  • The Faulkner Tarot: A modern deck with real-life symbols and archetypes in black and white.
  • Rotin Tarot: This deck only has the Major Arcana suits. It is an ultra modern deck with a minimalist artwork.
  • International Icon Tarot: The most fun of all and perhaps the most modern, “non-offensive” type of Tarot deck you’ll ever see today. Cards have the imagery of that famous cartoon stick man we see on airport and bathroom signages.


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