Tarot Meanings and How to View Them

Tarot Meanings and How to View Them

The hardest part of starting a career in tarot is fully understanding the meaning of tarot cards. Practitioners use those meanings to read the cards and offer guidance and assistance to their clients. A true tarot practitioner always tries to adjust tarot meanings to suit the question asked, but that doesn’t mean the practitioner is telling lies or trying to fool their clients. On the contrary, intuition is a very useful tool for tarot card readers. The tarot cards’ meaning can apply many different ways to each individual’s situation.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean?

To fully understand the meaning of tarot cards, you must first understand that there are 78 cards in a standard deck, which are categorized in Major and Minor Arcana. The first group contains 22 cards, while the second contains 56 cards. The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits of 14 cards each. Tarot cards can have upright tarot meanings and reversed tarot meanings. It should be noted that the tarot cards’ meaning is meant to be a guideline, not a rule that is set in stone.

Major Arcana Tarot Meanings

Discover the tarot card meanings of those that fall under the Major Arcana category:

  • The Fool: This card represents beginning, innocence, and free spirit.
  • The Magician: A card symbolic of power, skill and concentration
  • The High Priestess: This card represents mystery and the subconscious mind
  • The Empress: The tarot card is symbolic of fertility, beauty, and femininity.
  • The Emperor: This card symbolizes a father figure and authority.
  • The Hierophant: A card representing religion, tradition, and beliefs
  • The Lovers: A card for union, relationships, and choices
  • The Chariot: This represents control, willpower, and victory.
  • Strength: A symbol of courage, patience, and compassion
  • The Hermit: A card for inner guidance and soul-searching
  • The Wheel of Fortune: A good-luck symbol that also represents karma and destiny
  • Justice: This card represents fairness, truth, and cause and effect.
  • The Hanged Man: A card symbolizing restriction and sacrifice
  • Death: This tarot card reflects endings, beginnings, or a change in life.
  • Temperance: A symbol that represents balance, patience, and moderation
  • The Devil: Sexuality and materialism are attributes of this card.
  • The Tower: A card symbolic of sudden change and revelation
  • The Star: A card for renewal and inspiration
  • The Moon: Fear, anxiety, and insecurity are reflected in this tarot card.
  • The Sun: This symbol represents success, vitality, and positivity.
  • Judgment: A symbol that represents rebirth and inner calling
  • The World: This card represents travel, accomplishment completion, and integration.

Minor Arcana Tarot Meanings

Discover the tarot card meanings of those that fall under the Minor Arcana category:

  • Suit of Cups: Dealing with emotions, feelings, and relationships, this suit indicates that the person has to put their heart needs before the rational thinking of their brain.
  • Suit of Pentacles: The suit of the element earth, pentacles relate to tarot meanings linked to material aspects of life. These include money, business, and work.
  • Suit of Swords: Associated with change, power, and ambition, this suit deals with the mental aspects of a person’s life. Since the swords are double-edged, this suit perfectly symbolizes the balance between intellect and power.
  • Suit of Wands: The fire element is represented here, with primal associations with strength, creativity, ambition, and inspiration. This suit shows what individuals do to keep them busy, and sometimes, they indicate a never ending to-do list.

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