A Tarot Card Spread: The Key to Your Question

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In tarot, there are many different spreads that the reader can use. There is no right or wrong on tarot card spread, as their variations are dependable on the question the client asks. Some of the spreads in tarot are developed for specific direction, while others are suitable for a general reading. Practitioners are free to use any tarot card spread they think is the most appropriate for the situation.

The most common and basic tarot card spread is the one with three cards, each of them representing a different time in lives: past, present and future. But there are so many variations, and often, a specific tarot card spread offers more insightful information than a generic one. Here are some of the popular spreads and what question they try to answer.

Tetraktys – this tarot card spread is based upon mathematics and the principles of Plato and Pythagoras. There are 10 cards in this spread, and each provides an answer to the basic physical elements of the client including ambition, current strategies, emotions, everyday life, what drives them, what helps them maintain balanced life, how can he/she move forward, which cosmic forces are driving the client forward, premises, and cosmic reactions to their state of being.

Celtic Cross Spread – one of the most popular tarot card spread, the Celtic spread sheds light on many aspects in the life of the client. There are many variations to this particular spread, but the cards represent the same things: the current state of mind, what influences the client, the origin of the question, past events and concerns, future events that may or may not occur, what lies ahead, emotional state, external forces, hopes and desires, and the outcome.

Astrological spread – There are no questions asked in this spread, instead, the cards represent the strengths and the weakness of the zodiac sign


Relationship spread – As the name suggests, this tarot card spread explores the relationships people form with others parties. There are 9 cards in the spread, representing how you view your partner, how he/she views you, your needs, his/her needs, state of the relationship, the path you want the relationship to follow, the future your partner wants, aspects of the relationship, and outcome of the question.


Birthday spread –Designed to help clients achieve specific goals before their next birthday, this spread contains 9 cards, representing client’s place in the world, goals, what drives him/her, powers to develop, physical well being, emotional state, spiritual state, oppositions and actions to achieve the goals.


Tree of life spread – This method of exploring the mind, spirit and body is constructed with 10 cards. Each card in the tarot card spread represents one of the following: highest ideals, creative power, wisdom, virtues, force of being, health and altruism, lovers and lusts, the person as a designer, imaginations, and physical self.


Dream exploration spread – Designed to interpret a recent dream, the three cards represent the relevance of the dream for the client’s life, lessons to be learned and how to apply the dream to the client’s real life.


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