6 Common Tarot Myths You Should Not Believe In

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Pick up the death card in any social group of people, and it is like you’ve already killed somebody. People unfamiliar with the ancient art of tarot, are always frightened when they see the death card. The truth is the death card is just one of many tarot myths people have about tarot cards.

Myth No.1 – Gypsies invented tarot cards.

Well, believe what you want, but there is no historical evidence that Gypsies are responsible for the invention of the cards. There are many different opinions, but one of the most common, backed up by history, is that the cards were invented in India, and from there, Romany people spread them. The nomadic nature of the Romany people is what spread the cards across the world

Myth No.2 – Readings are set in stone.

Another one of the common tarot myths is that readings of the cards are set in stone, and can never be changed. The reality is that cards should be considered as a map of your journey in life, but you are the one determining the future. If a tarot reader tells you otherwise, leave the place and never come back. Look at tarot readings as a tool to make informed decisions about which way to go in life.

Myth No.3 – The Death card

The popular belief is that if you pick up the death card means someone in your surroundings will die or you are is going to die. The reality is that the death card symbolizes an end to one thing, and a beginning of another. It can mean an end of a relationship, a job, a path in your life, or anything else. The best interpretation is that change is coming.

Myth No.4 – You and your cards

Next on the list for common tarot myths is that the reader should only touch your cards, and you cannot read your own cards. These two tarot myths are linked with one another, but they are not true at all. While some prefer to be the only ones to handle their cards, everyone can touch the cards. The reality is that cards are linked with the energy a person possesses. And the issue with reading your own cards is that one cannot separate himself from what the cards say. The challenge here is to detach yourself from the responses. Best way to do it is to write down the readings.

Myth No.5 – Tarot cards must be wrapped in silk.

You can wrap your cards in anything you prefer, it doesn’t change their power. The notion that you must wrap them in black silk is exaggeration. Keep your cards in what suits you, and makes you feel they are safe. Don’t believe in any of the tarot myths you hear.

Myth No.6 – You cannot buy your own cards.

If this was true, there would be just a few tarot readers in the world. There is no telling where this one of the common tarot myths originates, but it is not true. People can buy tarot cards from lots of places such as books stores, gift stores and online. All is left afterwards is to learn the art of tarot.


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